The Euro-Arab Program for Youth Empowerment and Participation

The events in a number of countries in the Arab region since the beginning of 2011 have imposed a new perception of young people’s capacities and aspirations. As crucial actors in the processes of political changes, young people have stood up for more freedom, equality and justice. But they also stand up for better future perspectives in education and work, economic and social development.

Young people have legitimate aspirations to be listened to and respected, and to participate in decision-making about their present and their future and that of their nations. Youth is demanding a voice in the transition process towards real democracy. The new political environments need to take into consideration the stronger civic engagement of young people. Conversely, following the successful mobilisation for change in the political system, young people and civil society actors need to find appropriate ways in order to further shape the incipient transition process in the long term. The present window of opportunity should not close without young people making sure their interests are taken into account when it comes to the establishment of a new social order.


Other Activities within the program


We have concluded this meeting with a number of important recommendations and proposals for youth projects to be displayed at the meeting in Tunisia 28-29 august 2012. The most important of these recommendations:

  • Training courses for young people and youth leaders...more


  • Egyptian revolution and its implications
  • Youth participation
  • Tunisian revolutions its implications
  • The impact of the arab spring on youth and civil society organization in morocco