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Regional population activities are supported by UNFPA

 About Us


Population Policies and Expatriates and Migration Department was established within the Sector of Social Affairs of the League of Arab States. Its activities focus on population issues and challenges at the Arab regional level within a broad partnership with related national, Arab and international bodies.

 The Department?s main objectives

  • Strengthening and activating coordination, exchange and partnership among all institutions involved in the field of population at the Arab level and contributing to the development of a holistic approach to a better understanding of population and migration issues and challenges in the Arab countries
  • Transferring and setting up knowledge on population including concept and methodology and in the field of experiments as well as international and Arab innovations, and seeking to employ such extensive knowledge and experiences in population policies at national and Arab regional levels.
  • Contributing to building national capacities and in particular the institutional ones (National Population councils / committees) in the areas of population and migration policies development, thru enabling them with tools, methodologies and skills of data analysis and extraction of indicators and how to use them to develop appropriate policies.
  • Strengthening the regional dialogue and advocacy activities and diversification and modernization of media awareness aiming at supporting joint Arab action, and activating political decision to implement the recommendation and resolution of Arab as well as international conferences on population, migration and development.
  • Strengthening and developing continuously updated Regional data bases, general and specialized, in the Arab countries, so as to meet the needs of decision makers, researchers and those interested in population and migration.
  • Seeking to integrate population issues into sectoral development policies.

 From the most prominent issues tackled by the Department?s activities:

  • Youth empowerment and activating youth participation
  • Reproductive health and Reproductive rights with special focus on youth and women
  • International migration
  • Maternal mortality

 The Department is working within a broad partnership that includes:

  • National population councils/ committees
  • Specialized ministerial councils at the Arab level
  • United Nations Population Fund
  • Several related Arab and international institutions