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What is the most important challange that faces the Arab youth?



Regional population activities are supported by UNFPA


This observatory was established to achieve the following goals:

  • Filling the gap in data and working on updating it continuously.
  • Sustaining the technical capabilities in the Arab countries.
  • Contributing in knowledge transfer and adaptation in the international migration field.
  • Finding mechanisms to magnify the benefit of migration and the expatriates' experiences to promote the development and the Arab-Regional integration.

Migration Observatory's Activities

  • Arab-Regional Report for International Migration
  • The Annual Arab-Regional Meeting for Governmental Experts of Migration
  • Specialized Databases on migration policies in the Arab countries, Bibliographical Database, Arab Expertise Database…etc.
  • PPMD Website on international migration
  • Urging decision makers and gaining their support to activate the role of migration in regional development and integration
  • Employees and Officials' Empowerment in the Migration Sector in the Arab countries