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What is the most important challange that faces the Arab youth?



Regional population activities are supported by UNFPA


The importance of this project emerged from the reality that the Arab population, as a human capital are considered as a major source of value-added development to our lives if educated, trained and developed their experiences probably.


  • Strengthening the Integration of population issues within the national and sectorial developmental policies
  • Disseminating knowledge related to concepts, methodologies and approaches, successful experiences and providing reliable and updated regional data in the field of population and development
  • Enhancing regional dialogue and advocacy activities and national commitment to the implementation of Global and regional strategies and POA related to population and development.
  • Contributing to the capacity building of members of the National Population Councils/ committees (as the institutional national mechanisms concerned with population issues in the region and enhancing exchange of experiences, success stories especially by convening the Annual meetings of Heads of NPCs in the Arab region
  • Convening and participating in Arab, Regional and international conferences concerned with Population and development (ex. ICPD@10, Beirut 2004- Arab ICPD, Qatar 2009)