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What is the most important challange that faces the Arab youth?



Regional population activities are supported by UNFPA


It aims to identify potential Arab experts in the field of population and development -It provides a wide coverage of literature on Arab population and development issues- It brings researchers together allowing them to collaborate online - It aims at disseminating information and facilitating exchange of experiences.

Includes approximately 3000 Arab experts (with 500 residing outside the Arab region), searchable by nationality; country of residence outside the Arab region; general /and specific interests, expertise and geographical coverage. Includes more than 50 thousands bibliographic citations (Books, Chapter from books, Reports, Articles, Conference papers..)... thus generating online bibliographies on Arab youth, on Arab migration, on Arab women (empowerment/ gender equity/ reproductive health), Arab education, climate change/environmental issues, water resources/water management, political/administrative reform, etc ..

Provides a list of Ph.D. and M.A. Thesis titles published by the experts; a list of expert papers (citations/abstracts or full text) presented at international Conferences/Forums and attended by the Arab experts.

Provides online access (when available) to Arab experts publications (links to abstracts or full text)

Is is updated on a continuous basis Search tips

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