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What is the most important challange that faces the Arab youth?



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Arab Youth Attitudes and suggestions regarding the Arab Summit


A report on youth views, attitudes and recommendations regarding the Arab Summit, development and youth empowerment isuues and priorities in the Arab region, based on e-survey .

Arab Youth: Employment and Umemployment


This study analyzes the current situation in the Arab region and introduces the most prominent indicators, i.e. total rate of youth unemployment in the region , rate of youth unemployment in each country compared with the international rates, in addition to different concepts of unemployment and deficiencies in data , characteristics of unemployed youth related to level and quality of education, conditions affecting rate of unemployment. Also this study presents the main aspects of a strateg

Arab Youth: Reproductive Health and Inter-generation Communication


The report contains the findings of two studies addressing reproductive health and inter-generation communication. The two studies conveyed important messages to those concerned with familial issues. They shed the light on the changes taking place in the realities surrounding youth, and their consequences mainly on their relation with the roots and family relations and on risks threatening youth health. Also the studies urge for further qualitative research addressing those issues

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Egyptian Youth: A Statistical Profile


The report contains all available and updated statistcial indicators pertaining to Egyptian youth, such as demographic, educational, employment and unemployment statistics. In addition to health and reproductive health dimensions and youth poltical particpation.

Developing Arab Education for Youth Empowerment


This study develops the main principles and strategies for youth empowerment through education to achieve youth aspiration and develop their capabilities. Throughout the study, the current challenges and opportunities are diagnosed to design appropriate educational plans that overcome shortfalls and maximize benefits.

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