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What is the most important challange that faces the Arab youth?



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Cairo Declaration: Towards Activating Youth Participation in Development


The Cairo Declaration was issued during the period 8-10/7/2008 in preparation to the Arab Economic and Social Summit scheduled in Kuwait in January 2009. The declaration contains a set of recommendation and strategies to activate the role of youth in achieving economic and social development.

Arab-Euro Declaration of activating the role of youth in the intercultural dialogue


A joint Arab -Euro declaration issued during the 2nd Arab Youth held in Amman, Jordan during the period 24 to 27 November 2008. It includes a set of principles as a basis for Inter-Cultural Dialogue, framework recommendations and tools for implementation.

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Arab Declaration on International Migration


Declaration adopted by the League of Arab States, Social-Economic Council in it’s General Assembly (78) in 2006 at ministerial level. It reconfirms several positive contributions of labor migration to development in both States of origin and Statesof destination and calls on Member-States and specialized bodies in Arab labor exporting and labor-receiving States to strengthen policies geared to maximize benefits from migration in the interest of development.

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Arab Youth Declaration

The Arab Declaration for Youth Empowerment was adopted by an Arab high-level meeting during the period 5-6/2/2006. It contains a preamble, terms of reference, and specific strategic approaches on the issues of health and reproductive health, labor and income policies and poverty eradication in addition to education and training.